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Philippine's Reality Roleplay-
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 [Read Before You Post Your Ban Appeal Here!!]

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PostSubject: [Read Before You Post Your Ban Appeal Here!!]   Thu May 23, 2013 11:15 pm

[color=red]*You are only allowed to post ONE unban appeal at a time. If you post two (or more than) ban appeals, they will be moved/deleted/ignored, and only 1 ban appeal will be kept on the main page.[/color]


*There is no need for you to bump your ban appeal. Admins will always check all of the ban appeals.

*And in case of any cheat bans, any solid proof that might help your case. Please try to keep your post clear and readable (not all in caps).

*Again, your attitude (and ability to type coherently) in this forum has a great impact on whether or not you will be unbanned. Posting in all caps, making excuses, or blaming it on other people will not help. Although owning up your mistakes/excuses goes in a long way. We are pretty forgiving to all of the players here, as long as you are honest to your ban appeal, then you have a big chance for you to get unbanned.

*Your Unban Appeal should be posted in a formal way (see the sticky thread). Otherwise, your Unban Appeal will be moved/deleted/ignored.
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[Read Before You Post Your Ban Appeal Here!!]
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