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 (ACCEPTED)-(Sangandaan Subdivision Gang)

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PostSubject: (ACCEPTED)-(Sangandaan Subdivision Gang)   Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:26 am

Gang Information

Gang Name: Sagandaan Subdivision

Who is the Leader: Svea_Zealand

Gang Story: In 1982, A Gang war happened on Las Colinas at between Grove street and Ballas. Svea_Zealand is one of the Grove streets. After that gang war, Sweet Johnson arrested while Carl Johnson exiled in red county. Svea_Zealand planned to take over the Supplies and weapons of Grove street homies and sell it to Other gangs. After Selling the Stocks of Grove street, Svea_Zealand bought a gun shop and the gun shop becomes famous because of dealership with gangs and syndicates. After that, Svea_Zealand decided to make a new name at Gang World and called it "Sangandaan Subdivision Gang".

((In Character paragraph describing the Gang. Where you came from, 'style' etc. General information plus a short history of your Gang with a Minimium 1,200 words.. BE CREATIVE ON THIS AND INCLUDE SCREEN SHOTS))

Svea_Zealand are extra ordinary gang because this gang can supply themselves with Guns and ammos because thier Leader has many contacts when it comes on Material Dealership. He is Material Buyer and he do "under the table" negotiation with LSPD's so he can bought to them som pot, cracks and materials.

Starting Members (Minimum of 9) INGAME NAME/FORUM NAME/LEVEL

Leader: Svea_Zealand
Rank 5: Joshmer_Aquarius
Rank 4: Christian_Aquarius
Rank 3: Adrian_Aquarius
Rank 2: Neil_Aquarius
Rank 1: Janizz_Aquarius

Your Rank Names:
Rank 6: El_Magnifico
Rank 5: El_Sexytado
Rank 4: El_Marley
Rank 3: El_Doro
Rank 2: El_Bayan
Rank 1: El_Statigram

Desired Skins(Include their ID's and Pictures):
Girl Skin(Optional)
Rank 6: 44
Rank 5: 47
Rank 4: 258
Rank 3: 234
Rank 2: 259
Rank 1: 273
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(ACCEPTED)-(Sangandaan Subdivision Gang)
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