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 San Andreas Goverment Members Resume

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PostSubject: San Andreas Goverment Members Resume   Sat Oct 05, 2013 5:46 am

--Replace ALL *'s with your answer.

First Name: * Mac G
Last Name: * Bangsamoro
Gender: * Male
Age: * 21

Address: * 46 Ganton Los Santos City
Phone Number: * 8595
Place of Origin: * Los Santos

Position You Seek: *San Andreas Goverment Members
Hellow Ladies And Gentlemen I Am Mac_G_Bangsamoro i am 21 Years Old I Live At 41 Ganton Street Los Santos City And Ive Graduated as A Truking . Im A LSPD as Know That's Why i Join In San Andreas Government Is To Serve And Protect People And I Have Many Time Or Time's To do That Thing. I Have A Friend Achi And Super_Man in LSFMD Super_Man Convince me to be The Members Of San Andreas Government Because Im a ActivePlayer .. And my Friend Superman considered my brother Because Jackman is My Real Friend And I love him Very Very Much because He Save me in All saint's Thier's Have car exploded And he save me That's Why i Love Him And That's why i Considered Him as My Brother Very Happy

Life Biography ((Minimum of 320 words)):
* No

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what was it?
* No

Have you ever been arrested or sent to prison? If so, how long did you serve for?
* No

Have you ever been part of a Crime-Family or Gang? If so, what was the name(s)?
* No

Have you ever worked for a Law Enforcement Agency? If so, which one(s) and for how long?

Why do you want to join the San Andreas Government? (Minimum of 100 words)
I Iwant To Join To San Andreas Goverment Iwill Protect A Newbie Player And Active Player If Like Join And Play This Player

List a few characteristics about yourself. Tell us how you could be helpful in the San Andreas Government:
To be Give what he asked and i don't Give Money

Licenses and Passport Identification


Passport ((/stats)):

Why do you want to join San Andreas Goverment and do you have a clear records?Sad(Min 110 words))

((Out-Of-Character Information))

First Name: * Jayvie Kenn
Gender: * Male
Age: * 14
Country of Origin: * 95 Caloocan City

How long have you been part of the LSRP Community?

Have you ever been prisoned or warned on this server? If so, why?
* NO

Have you ever been banned from LSRP? If so, why?

Do you have TeamSpeak?

Do you have a working microphone?
Yes ? At Home
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San Andreas Goverment Members Resume
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