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 Gang Application of Primiero Commando La Familia

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PostSubject: Gang Application of Primiero Commando La Familia   Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:20 am

Family Leader: *Ivan_James/
Co-Leaders: *Shanks_Li_Roux*

Background Story of the Family: (Story Of Primiero Commando La Familia)

Back over in Los Santos where Ivan_James was born, where his father was in a Gang called Primeiro Commando La Familia
,while his mother worked two jobs. Ivan_James was the only child at the time while his mother tried her best to keep him away from the Gang Violence, but she had no time. While his mother was at work his father was teaching him how to make pure crack, grow pot, and sell it at the same time. At that time Ivan was seventeen years of age with a lot of mature. Shanks then begins to ask his father about joining the Gang and the things you had to do. One day his mom over heard them talking about and stayed home from work the next day. She had begun to tell Ivan about all the crimes his dad had got into and all the times he almost died, but Ivan wasn’t listening to her. Later on that night, Ivan mother had called her sister over in San Andreas and had asked could Ivan stay with her, she said sure. His mom started to explain to him about moving to San Andreas and how it would be a better life for him and he agreed to it. A couple days later after Ivan had packed all his stuff together and his mother bought him a plane ticket he was off to San Andreas.
San Andreas Arrival

After arrive in San Andreas where Ivan meets his cousin John, Jhonny, Shanks. When he was walking out of the Los Santos International Airport Terminal, he was called over to a GR Glendale. He hop into the car with his three cousin and greeted them. Over in San Andreas John was rolling with a gang called Top Shotta while James and Jhonny just mat run and sold pot and crack to get money. As they were headed to their parents’ home in Glen Park they asked Shanks what he liked to do. He replied back saying nothing just chill and chase after the paper if you know what I mean. John nodded his head and asked Ivan did he get into any crimes over back in Los Santos, while Ivan replied back not really is a self guy. As they were still asking Ivan question Ejay begins to roll up a blunt and ask Ivan do he smoke, he replied back yup and grows it to. The car went into silent and into shock. John and James begin to tell them about what they do to get money and that it can really help them earn more cash.

Welcome to San Andreas

As they arrived up to their parent’s home, they were waiting outside to greet them. Ivan walked up to them and greeted them while they walk around the house to show it off to Ivan. After they was done Jhonny had came into the room where Ivan would sleep, and ask him did he want to step out into the Mara Salvatrucha party tonight, he was like sure.

First night First Party

That night Ivan, John, Jhonny, Shanks all went to Los Santos to the (MS-13) party at the club. John had drop them off and told them that he had to go pickup some Top Shotta, so they were like cool. When they entered into the building Jhonny had ran into a dude he meet in the Doc, when he was in for Possession of Pot and Crack. When jhonny had seen the guy he had warned Shanks and Ivan about him. While the two brothers went to the dance floor, john went to the bar to get a couple of drinks. After about Ivan third drink he notices john and a couple of Angelica dude behind him. john walks over to Ivan and introduces them to him, and they all meet and sat at the bar. Ivan had asked John did he have a gun he could lend him, john replied, you got a problem cuzh. Ivan said no your brother does. So John had told him to follow him to his car. When they got to the car John had gave Ivan a Desert Eagle and then grab an Orange and Red book bag and put two more Desert Eagles in it. So the two walked back in the club to find Shanks and Jhonny, once they found them John had given them a gun and tosses his bag to a wall. Soon the three cousins had posted up on the wall when sudden Ejay enemy had come up to them with about five more people dress in green. It was a gang call Grove Street. So John pulled Ivan off and warned him about Grove Street and the dude who club they was at where allies. Jhonny had got into an argument with the dudes about approaching him like that. Next thing you know there was a crowd of people around them. Ivan had got an idea in his head so he stops the argument and told Jhonny to come here. He had told him his idea which was kill him and Jhonny said sure and went back and told his brother what Tyrone was about to do. They agreed. Ivan had walk out of the crowd and then walk up behind the dude Jhonny was arguing with and put his Deagle to his head and shoot him. All you could hear after that was gunshots and yelling.

First Murder in Los Santos

They next day after the boys had woke up and ate breakfast they walk to a 24/7 down the street from the house. As they was walking Jhonny had ask Ivan how he feel about what happen last night, he replied back great. The brothers had laugh and ask him was he use to it. He started to tell them about how his dad was in a Gang and how he taught him all the Gang skills like how to kill someone and don’t feel bad about, how to sell crack and pot, and also how to make it and grow it. The brothers were like oh, but you know Grove Street and MS-13 going to want pay back for that murder. Ivan had told them guns don’t scare him and he’s not scared to die. Ivan had then begin to ask them was there a BBS in Los Santos they told him not at the moment. So they continued to walk to the store. When they got halfway back Ivan had said do yall want to start one, they was like hell yea cuzh.

How we going to start?

When they got back from the store they had sat on the porch and smoked a couple of blunts. Ivan had then sad man it’s boring over here. The brothers told him that this part was like the quite part, all the action is over in Los Santos. John Patrick had asked Shanks what type of area you think the Family should be in, Ivan replied it should be over in Los Santos where it is action in like a good little place near a bank or some, Shanks said that we could put it over there near the bank in Glen Park. John Patrick said yea that’s a good spot let’s ride over there to see what’s up. As they were riding from LV to Los Santos Jhonny asked Ivan what type of Gang we going to be like and the name. Ivan asked them have they ever heard of BBS. The brothers said no, so he started to explain his dad was in a Gang family called Primeiro Commando La Familia. He then started to tell them that they really deal with three things, Drugs, Money and Guns.

How does the Family works and get money.

After they arrived to the spot where they could hang at Ivan had said this is the type of spot my dad them was at. They had a club up front and in the back was there HQ. So they looked around the area and went and got back into the car. Ivan begin to tell them about the Family. See they deal with Drugs to get money. They supply almost all the big gangs in Los Santos. They have different ranks do different things. Like rank one goes gets the drugs. Rank two takes guns, drugs and other important stuff to the gangs that they need. Rank three goes pickup all the money from the gangs. John then stopped Ivan and asked What if they don’t pay? Then the rank three heads back to the HQ where there Rank five and six will be, and let them know. After that and Rank five or six whoever is going to handle it calls the whole gang to the HQ. Then after that they go to their meeting room and discuses it. Whichever rank three went to get the money he explains to the family what happen and how it happen. So then whoever is in charge of this raid tell some of the rank fours to go start the cars. After they start the cars they go load them up and head over to the gang who owes them money. Once they reach the gang hood a rank five will ask for the highest rank current on their block. He will then tell him that they either pay with money or pay with a death (CK). It is they choice but if they try to start shooting before then all the ranks four, five, and six leaves and let the ranks one, two and three handle it.

Rank names:
Rank 6:Primerio Commando
Rank 5:Captain
Rank 4:Killer
Rank 3:Buragat
Rank 2:Dealer
Rank 1:Starter

1.)Ivan_James (R6)
2.)Shanks_Li_Roux (R5)
3.)John_Lagmay (R4)
4.)Jhonny_Depp (R3)
5.)Ejay_Olympus (R2)
6.)John_Patrick (R1)

(Add more if needed)

Skin 1:
Skin 2:
Skin 3:
Skin 4:
Skin 5:
Skin 6:

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Gang Application of Primiero Commando La Familia
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