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 Gang Creation Las Venturas Syndicate

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PostSubject: Gang Creation Las Venturas Syndicate   Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:51 am

Gang Information

Gang Name:Las Venturas Syndicate

Who is the Leader:Triamedes Ravelo

Gang Story:

Chapter 1 - The Organization

This organization in particular was formed in the 1900s by the Latin Cobarde Family . This organization is known by a few names. Mafia, Organized Crime, Los Venturas Family ; whatever the case, it is evident that organized crime brings in a surplus amount of money. You see, the Cobarde's gained a seat at the Commission in Liberty City and hired the Albanian Mob for extra muscle. Once they rose to the top and dominated most of Los Santos' far eastern neighbor, a new and more profitable idea was born.

Jake  Cobarde was named head Dux  in the 1940s whom would later pass his legacy onto his only son Giovanni Cobarde. Giovanni had a hard childhood and an abusive father. However, his father did his job when it came to ensuring he learned the morals needed to be considered for leadership as Dux of any Mafia.

Few of these morals are common such as, loyalty, repsect, honor, and duty. Many of which are shared with the military. It's no wonder that the Cobarde's attract members with a more militant disciplined mind frame.

Giovanni went through his school years angry and wanting nothing to do with what he considered to be brainwashing. He soon dropped out, and joined the ranks of Jake, his father; whom within ten years of his initiation was dubbed new Dux when Jake was shot in the 1970s. Though he swore never to be like his father, Giovanni would prove himself wrong in due time.

Upon meeting the love of his life Adrianna Cobarde, five years after being made Dux of Los Venturas  Family , Giovanni was happy. He had many enemies, many of which were Latin . This made him laugh about how he couldn't get along with his own kind. Giovanni and his wife prospered and reaped the benefits of his position as he moved to the more illustrious Northern quarter of Alderny in Liberty City. His wife would then give birth to his three sons.

Chapter 2 – Cobarde’s Childhood

Kenshiro , Rodney, and James  had a great childhood. The only thing they had to worry about was their  father's fits of rage. Upon reaching their teenage years this abuse would cease as Giovanni learned to control his anger and direct it at his enemies only. Kenshiro took note of this as he was the oldest and looked up to his father's business principles. Upon finishing high school Kenshiro  quickly joined his father's family as a made man and was ready for anything.

Giovanni Cobarde who currently heads the family in LVF  as Dux, sat down with his son Kenshiro Cobarde and had a meeting. In this meeting the ideas discussed were the eventual takeover of the Red County of Los Santos. Kenshiro at first was showing little admiration for such a move,but he began to grin and nod in his acceptance on his father's suggestions. "Don't you disappoint me boy, and bring nothing but respect and honor to your family name", were the last words uttered by Kenshiro's father before boarding a plane destined for Los Santos Intl Airport.

Once arriving in Los Santos, the crime rate and the gangs who controlled it became more apparent.

Kenshiro knew he would have to follow his father's orders and make no mistakes if he wanted to see this plan work.

In one instance, upon calling a cab, Kenshiro reached for his wallet only to have it snatched from his grasp.

"Shit, this fucking city man", he exclaimed to himself in complete disapproval. "I'm going to need help, and help fast", he thought to himself as he walked to the airport parking lot preparing to hotwire himself a vehicle. Kenshiro then decided he would call his youngest of two brothers who was already a local in Los Santos, to share with him his "mission".

Rodney  liked the idea and suggested they call  James  , the middle child, if they wanted to truly make the family established here.

"It will be perfect, just think about it!" said Rodney . Kenshiro  then called John who quickly accepted and caught the next flight westbound.

Chapter 3 –Their  Ambition’s

Three young Latin  men were out running the streets of Los Santos with ambition and heart. Their hard work and loyalty began to garner attention from others who wished to join them. They realized quickly where the money was in this city and started carving the niche in the arms dealer business. They gained some dedicated buyers for the materials they ran, even forged a few friendships among a gang better known as The Chronic Society . Since they were just starting out, Miggy Chronic told them his gang would remain neutral to them until Kenshiro gained a more noticeable following. A shooting broke the calm and understanding of the deal, so that chapter in this story is later to be revealed in a later time.

Kenshiro so far has done what his father asked of him. A phone call from his father lets him know that his father is still keeping a watchful eye, and he needs to keep his eye on the prize. "Don't lose focus Kenshiro , you think these fucks are just going to let you run around and do whatever and all you have is three men?" said Giovanni as he yelled into the phone.

Kenshiro knew it was time to focus more on recruiting, but to him it was about quality not quantity. This is where he and his father differed. This outlook on whom he surrounded himself with would gain him loyal prospects and many haters as well. Jokingly the three brothers now call those haters "fuckboys".

One evening Kenshiro sat down with his brothers and they knew it was time for business. In a serious manner, the ranks of his family along with expectations were laid out. Seeing as Kenshiro started this family he was named Dux automatically, he then named  James  and Rodney his Brigadier. "Instill in our members the true morals of Latins", said Kenshiro as his brothers nodded in approval.

Chapter 4 - The End

Once gaining enough members to consider himself organized Kenshiro then married Jenny whom was more than honored to call herself Mrs. Cobarde. Present day tells it that the Cobarde's are on the rise and welcoming future business with families they keep an active watch over. As he sipped wine ashing his cigar Kenshiro said,"It's amazing what you see when people think no one is watching, they become more primal." By this he meant he'll only be able to prove who his real friends are and trusted associates by seeing them when they are unaware of his presence. Los Venturas Family , only time will tell what these Cobarde men are made of.

1- Obey orders from high command.

2- Do not instigate problems with other gangs, doing so will result in your removal. Do not instigate problems with other players unless instructed to do so by a higher rank ((For RP reasons))

3- Do not instigate problems with Law Enforcement (Running around screaming "Fuck the police" etc.)

4- Once detained, you are to co-operate with Law Enforcement. We want you out as quickly as possible. You're not a "pussy" for complying, you're disciplined.

5- Know your rank responsibilities, do not do anything you are not authorized to do.

6- Never profit from a fellow family member. If you're a bodyguard, you give the lowest price, etc.

7- Always defend yourself, never retreat unless death is imminent.

8- Never snitch. Regarding rule 3- you are required to comply until gang activity is brought into question, at which point you are to exercise your right to remain silent.

9- We are an organization dedicated to secrecy. Do not invite anyone or talk about family activity publicly unless authorized to do so. Silence is golden, a Desert Eagle round to the head is silver. And bloody.

10- Maintain all vehicles, family or personal. We want to look well-maintained. If your hood is smashed in and you aren't on a chase or involved in activities, it needs to be repaired ASAP.

11- In the event of a physical altercation, or bat-fight with another gang, you are NOT to withdraw and use a firearm unless the other side does so first.

Starting Members (Minimum of 9) INGAME NAME/FORUM NAME/LEVEL

Leader:Triamedes Ravelo
Rank 5: James Shakesphere
Rank 4: Kenshiro Cobarede
Rank 3: Steve McQueen
Rank 2: Rodney Ternura
Rank1:Asher Stabley

Your Rank Names:
Rank 6:Dux
Rank 5:Brigadier
Rank 4:Magister
Rank 3:Corporalis
Rank 2:Amateur
Rank 1:Fortis

Desired Skins(Include their ID's and Pictures):
Girl Skin(Optional)
Rank 6:123
Rank 5:142
Rank 4:222
Rank 3:221
Rank 2:220
Rank 1:297
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PostSubject: Re: Gang Creation Las Venturas Syndicate   Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:10 am

/Support Idol Triamedes Ravelo Kahit D Ka Na Po Junior Helper !
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Gang Creation Las Venturas Syndicate
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